Things Are Happening Quick!

We’ve been busy over here at PTH, so here’s a quick little update for those looking for new stuff to read. First off, we’ve had a personnel shake-up. Old tech Phil was offered a job he really wanted and took off for a new opportunity. At first, that was a big setback as we didn’t have another guy lined up to take up the slack when Phil left, but after a REALLY busy month or so juggling shop work with interviewing potential employees, Pacific Throttle House is happy to announce that Ty Milner is our new lead technician and fabricator.

Ty comes to PTH with extensive experience fabricating and running all sorts of race cars, from drag racing and road racing to drifting. He is a strong addition to the company, and his fabrication skills and engine building are opening PTH up to new types of even more extensive projects that we’re lining up and can’t wait to announce. We’ve been outfitting the shop with new machines and equipment to gear up for these projects, and the shop is starting to be a pretty darn productive place!

Never mind the Carrera GT, look at all that sweet fabrication equipment!

Another thing we’re excited about around these parts is the fact that we managed to get a slot at the paint shop for the 911T restoration project we’re working on. We’re getting the car out the door today after spending some time yesterday getting the bare chassis off the jack stands and onto the painter’s transport cart. This car is almost literally a real, living, and breathing unicorn, as the only rust we’ve found is a dime-sized spot on the inside of the passenger door. Crazy. We can’t wait to see this car when it gets back with a fresh coat so we can start putting it back together, because this thing is going to look gooooood!

Out the door to paint!