Vintage Car Racing

Race Car Services

vintage race car restoration in Sand City, CA

Vintage Race Car Restoration

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring vintage race cars back to their former glory. We are meticulous through every step of the process, including a thorough client consultation, inspection upon arrival, and restoration work that spans ground-up rebuilds, custom fabrication and mechanical overhauls. With decades of experience working on American and European vintage race cars, our team has successfully completed projects ranging from Brian Redmond’s Chevron B16 Spyder to Jim Clark’s Lotus 23B to 356 Porsches (one of the original two cars delivered to Normand Racing for the 1963 season).

Race Prep

The proper inspection, service and repair of your historic motor car are the mechanical keys to success on the track. Our highly qualified technicians are well-versed in the complexities of vintage racing, servicing vehicles under the direction of a world-class mechanic who has worked for over 30 years in motorsports including Formula 1 and Trans-Am. Offering services including chassis inspection and repair, alignment and suspension setup, fluid and filter changes, brake system inspection and service, and more, Pacific Throttle House will tune your vintage vehicle to reach peak performance.

vintage race car preparation in Sand City, CA
transport and trackside services for vintage cars in Sand City CA

Transport & Trackside Service

Having attended events across the country, our crew is equipped with the expertise to transport your vehicle to any major vintage race. During race weekend, we also offer trackside support that includes fueling, inspections, repairs, driver accommodations and more. With our all-inclusive arrive-and-drive service, our experienced crew will take the guesswork out of your vintage race car preparation, mechanical upgrades and transportation. We not only ensure your car and cargo arrives safely, but also provide peace of mind so you can focus on the main event.

Driver Training

Led by a former race car driver with 15 years of professional experience in driver development, Pacific Throttle House’s coaching services will help you maximize your time on the track. Whether you want to find hidden lap time, learn tips for gaining speed, review fundamentals or boost your confidence on corner entry, we offer customized coaching and spotting sessions designed to help you perfect your race craft and drive your car to the limit.