Progress Report: 1970 Porsche 911T

Work has continued on this lovely 911T, and we are getting close to being done with the mechanical systems on the car. After removing all suspension components and giving them a much-needed bath in the parts washer, we found almost everything in good condition other than appearance. Dampers are being replaced along with bushings, while the rest is all off to the powder coater for a nice, durable coating.

Suspension covered in 43 years of road grime.
After cleaning and inspecting, these pieces are off to powder coat. Evidence of a hasty repaint is shown with copious overspray.

We also addressed the gearbox issues the owner had informed us of. Apparently, the car was parked after shifting troubles and a very leaky gearbox. Our parts washer came in handy again here because it was the front seal that was leaking, coating the entire drivetrain in half an inch of dirt and oil. After cleaning, Phil dove in, pulled the front cover off, opened the 901 fully, and removed the gear cluster for inspection. After being gone through, the ‘box was put back together, including a full serving of new seals to keep the Motul gear oil where it belongs!

We also dove into the fuel system, rebuilding the carburetors clogged with bad fuel that turned to varnish while the car was in storage. This is a time-consuming process that involves meticulous cleaning of all the little passages in the carb bodies and the jets. On the positive side, the carbs were in generally good order other than being internally dirty and covered in fuel that was turning back into crude oil. Other than the minor service items (breather lines, fuel filter, tune-up, etc.), this brings us to a point where the drivetrain restoration is complete, and attention is now turning toward the body and interior. This project is moving quickly, expect updates soon as it goes back together and gets back on the road!

Carb rebuild in process.